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Freedom Walk Foundation

Dear Friends and Future Partners,

We are standing at the door of opportunity to make our destiny brighter and more hopeful.  It all begins with a choice for change, and a chance for a challenge.

The goal of Freedom Walk is to heighten awareness in America today for seeking better health: Physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and to help those who live in poverty.

Through discipline, hard work, and healthier lifestyles, we can all hope for a brighter future.  

The future of our country, and her destiny are waiting for spiritual awakenings, renewed hope,  and healthier lifestyles. 

This walk will be scheduled to become an international "Walk for Freedom", and will touch thousands of people who are affected by disease and/or  living in poverty without hope. 

By believing in the impossible, and striving for the practical, we can all make the necessary changes in our own lives that will influence the outcome of history. 

With the help of media,  health related organizations, churches, and those who desire to create a more hopeful future, we can all make healthier choices.  

We invite peoples of all races, cultures and denominations to become active participants in seeking healthier lifestyles:  Physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. 

We are just beginning to see the negative effects of unhealthy lifestyles that create more disease, more poverty, and less personal empowerment.

Freedom Walk will remind us to make better choices for more personal empowerment, while promoting practical changes.  
Our future generations will learn to participate in healthier lifestyles as we share positive ideas and practical advice.  

Take time today to reach out to others in your community and help someone less fortunate than yourself. 
It is in serving others that our greatest successes can be found. 

This is a work to heighten the awareness for those living in America facing health issues and career losses. 

Jane has seen first hand the difficulties faced by thousands of disadvantaged or disabled people in America, as she has fought her way back to health, while concurrently struggling to become self-sustaining.  

Jane believes by sharing of her own struggle of facing a health crisis and career losses, she will help others to stay motivated, self-empowered, and hopeful in their time of need. 

It is a sad state of affairs when one cannot turn their own family in times of crisis,  therefore putting more strain on the government. 

Jane wishes to become a voice for the virtual tens of thousands of individuals who, like herself are just a forgotten number in the system.    

Jane says,   "The struggle never ends for many of us, especially those of us who are endeavoring to come off of governmental assistance, while finding the necessary support to heal and rebuild our lives." 

Seeking sponsorship from all churches, anyone interested in health/spiritual issues, health insurance companies, preventative health care groups, corporate sponsorship. 

Jane is available for speaking engagements and personal health sessions.       

Please enjoy Janes new self-help journal, a practical guide for a more balanced life. 

For a small donation of just $15.00 we will send you a signed copy. 
Please send all requests, orders, and prayer requests to:  or  Jane's Place c/o  P.O. Box 23311, Nashville, TN. 37202  

Freedom Walk   P.O. BOX 23311,  Nashville, TN. 37202 



Jane and Shelby the dog..........Founders 
Journal designed by Lynsae Harkins   

I thank God for each day of life, and I pray for "Freedom Walk" to become a source of healing and transformation for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

When we realize how intrinsically intertwined we all are, life becomes less of a puzzle, and more of a masterpiece.   Join me in the creation of "Freedom Walk"  by sharing this good news message.  Please watch for future goals and updates to be posted in the New Year. 

Thank you and may God truly bless you,

In faith,
Jane Ellen Whetstone

If you would like to be a sponsor, please visit or

In seeking non-profit status, we are currently building  a business plan.


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